The general conditions written below are binding on all legal entities and natural persons who start a business relationship with the company WPM d.o.o.

The general terms and conditions of business and use of WPM online services are valid from 1/13/2022.

Article 1

WPM services include all services marketed under the WPM service brand and defined on the website, including:

  • Updates and maintenance of WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Sale of digital products
  • Personal review of the website by an expert
  • Eliminating intrusions and ensuring data security
  • Advice on improving an existing website
  • Instructions for using WordPress
  • Website design consultancy
  • Help in creating a website or online store
  • Creation of a new website, etc.

all together in the following Services

The service provider is WPM, SPLETNE STORITVE, D.O.O.,Brnčičeva ulica 13, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče, tax number: SI91599121, registration number: 2271141000, hereinafter referred to as the Provider

The subscriber of services is any legal or natural person who orders the services of the provider through the website, social networks or in any other way, hereinafter referred to as the Subscriber

A WPM customer is any Subscriber or User of WPM services, hereinafter referred to as the Customer

2. Article

The services are defined by the following General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use of WPM Services, which are binding for all Customers, hereinafter the General Terms and Conditions.

The General Terms and Conditions have the nature of a contract concluded between the Provider and the Client with the completed order for WPM services. If the contract is concluded in writing, the individual provisions of this contract take precedence over the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

The provisions of the Code of Obligations, the Electronic Business and Electronic Signature Act and the Consumer Protection Act apply mutatis mutandis to all orders that are not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions.

3. Article

The service provider reserves the right to change the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and internal business acts, at any time and without prior notice to the Customers.

4. Article

All the Provider’s prices are in euros (€) and do not include the statutory value added tax (VAT), except in cases where it is specified otherwise. If a specific service is not listed on the provider’s website, the provider provides it upon written request of the client or at the company’s headquarters.

If Company WPM is required to perform urgent work for the Client (urgent work being defined as work essential for the smooth operation of the client’s websites, online stores, web applications, etc., and which disrupts the organization of work within the Company WPM), after 4:00 PM (local time – Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe), on Saturdays, Sundays, or other non-working days, such work will be billed at double the hourly rate.

5. Article

The subscription to the Services is calculated for the current accounting period according to the price list valid at the time the Service is ordered. The price list of services, which is published on the WPM website, may be changed for the future billing period without prior notice to the Customers. It also applies to other offer services, the prices for which are provided to you by the Provider upon written request of the client or at the company’s headquarters.

6. Article

The Client undertakes to pay the Provider for the services within eight (8) days from the issue of the invoice, unless otherwise stated in the contract. In the event of non-payment, the Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract and immediately terminate all services. In this case, the Provider is not responsible for the actual business damage of the Client. In the event of termination of the contract, the Subscriber undertakes to pay any costs arising from re-engagement.

7. Article

An order for services is any order that the Customer submits to the Provider in written, verbal or electronic form. In the event that the Subscriber does not request a return message about the estimated price of the service, it is considered that he or she is familiar with the price list that is in effect at the time of placing the order.

8. Article

A one (1) month notice period applies to the termination of the contract between the contracting parties. The Contracting Parties may terminate the Agreement at any time and without notice in writing, in the event that any Party grossly violates the provisions of this Agreement.

9. Article

The client undertakes to settle all obligations arising from the contract by the date of termination of the contract. If, in the case of prepayment, the client decides to terminate the contract early, he or she is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid in advance.

10. Article

The user can cancel hosting services for the next billing period, no later than fifteen (15) days before the end of the current billing period. Termination of the subscription relationship can only be given by the Subscriber in written or electronic form, with the company’s stamp and the signature of the responsible person, if the Subscriber is a company, or with the signature of the responsible person, if the Subscriber is a natural person.

11. Article

The Contracting Parties undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained during business cooperation for the entire duration of the cooperation. They undertake to protect all data obtained in the course of business cooperation for another three (3) years after the termination of the contractual relationship. The Provider undertakes not to forward the Customer’s data to third parties, except with the Customer’s written permission.

12. Article

The company WPM d.o.o. also has a web store under its brand, which is intended for the online sale of licenses for digital products made by the company WPM and hosted at the link (hereinafter referred to as the WPM Web Store).

An active user account is required to shop in the WPM Web Store. Customers can register in the WPM Web Store via the “LOGIN / REGISTER” button on the WPM Web Store landing page.

After registering in the WPM Web Store, the customer receives a password at their provided email address and is automatically logged in as an active user.

13. Article

Purhcasing power

The customer in the WPM Web Store selects the desired license and adds it to the cart. After that, they can either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. To complete the purchase, the customer must enter the following information:

    • Name and surname
    • Address
    • Town and post office number
    • E-mail address

The sales contract between the company WPM and the customer is concluded in the WPM Web Store at the moment when the company WPM sends the customer the first electronic message about his order (with the subject: “Your WPM Plugins order is now complete”). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the company and the customer.

With the purchase of a license in the WPM Web Store, the customer also receives an installation file for the plugin on the email account they entered at checkout, which is activated with the purchased license after installation.

14. Article


Prices are the same for all users of the WPM Web Store. You become a user of the web store by registering as a member.

Prices are valid at the time the order is placed and do not have a pre-determined validity.

Prices are valid in case of payment with the above-mentioned payment methods, under the above-mentioned conditions.

Despite exceptional efforts to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, it may happen that the price information is incorrect. In this case, or if the price of the item changes during the processing of the order, the company WPM will allow the customer to withdraw from the purchase.

Discounts, promotional codes, etc. are generally not cumulative. Discounts on individual items and promotional codes can be cumulative.

Discounts and promotional prices are marked on individual products so that the regular price is crossed out and the promotional price is highlighted, or with a percentage discount displayed on the product or both.

Funds paid with gift vouchers, bonuses and pre-invoices are not interest-bearing. Gift vouchers and promotional codes for discounts cannot be exchanged for cash.

All prices in the WPM Web Store are without VAT.

15. Article

Right of withdrawal of the consumer from the contract

According to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the customer does not have the right to withdraw from the purchase of digital products that are not delivered on a tangible data carrier.

16. Article

From Monday to Friday, during the working day, between seven (7:00) and fifteen (15:00) hours, technical assistance is available to customers via and by phone at +386 59 15 64 64.

Outside working hours, technical assistance is provided via e-mail and the Provider is obliged to answer you as soon as possible.

The provider is obliged to consider only requests for support that were submitted at the appropriate time through the appropriate communication channel, recorded and explained in this article.

The provider is not obliged to consider requests received at an inappropriate time and/or through an inappropriate communication channel. For such requests, the Provider has the time available, which is specified in the individual agreement between the Provider and the Client.

17. Article

By ordering the Services, the Subscriber allows the Provider to send notifications: information, promotions, questionnaires, etc., which are directly related to the Services, to the Subscriber’s e-mail, for the entire duration of the contractual relationship. The Subscriber may at any time, in written or electronic form, submit a request to stop sending any type of these notifications. Termination is carried out by means of a written or electronic notification to the Provider.

18. Article

The Provider’s services depend on the general functioning of the internet. The provider undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that everything works continuously and smoothly on the side of the WPM servers and their connection to the internet.

19. Article

The provider undertakes to carry out all necessary maintenance and other work in the shortest possible time frames, when the intended use of the server will be the shortest and thus the downtime of the services will be the smallest. The Provider also undertakes that, in the event of a planned interruption of more than three (3) hours, it will notify the Client in advance via e-mail or phone call.

The time frame and interruptions do not apply to extraordinary and urgent corrections, which include corrections whose delay could significantly affect the security and confidentiality of data on the provider’s servers.

20. Article

The Provider is under no circumstances responsible for indirect and/or direct loss of revenue or any damage that may occur due to improper operation of the Provider’s services or devices.

The Provider is also not responsible in any case for indirect and/or direct loss of income or any damage that could occur due to the loss or alienation of the subscriber’s data and/or other parameters necessary for the use of the Provider’s services.

21. Article

In the event of any action by the Subscriber or User that is contrary to applicable Slovenian or international legislation and/or in the event of a gross violation of the General Terms of the Agreement, the Provider has the right, without prior notice, to terminate the supply of services to the Subscriber or User, regardless of the actual business damage, which the Subscriber or User could suffer as a result of this intervention.

22. Article

The Provider has the right to demand from the Subscriber the withdrawal of all information, services and services or to limit and prevent access to all information, services and services in another way, in the event that they may be controversial or harmful to the Provider and in the event that they are in contrary to the General Terms and Conditions and valid Slovenian and/or European legislation.

The provider has the right to exclude from use all scripts and applications that overload the server and/or threaten the stability of the server. Repeated exclusions may result in the temporary suspension of the rights to run scripts or applications, and in extreme cases even the termination of the subscription package.

23. Article

The Provider is not responsible for the Subscriber’s files that are stored on the servers and is in no case responsible for indirect and/or direct loss of revenue, profit or any damage that may occur due to improper operation of the network or servers, as well as loss, damage and/or alienation of the client’s data.

The provider is obliged to make backup copies of the data, but does not assume responsibility in relation to the irregularity of the stored data or its loss. Upon written or electronic request from the Client, the work data from the database can also be securely transferred to third parties, under the terms of the Provider.

24. Article

The client is obliged to complain about the invoice within a maximum of eight (8) days from receipt.

In the case of the creation of a website or online application, the contractor transfers the ownership of the website or online application to the Client at the end of the creation. In accordance with this, the Contractor sends the Client an acceptance record, which the Client must sign and return one copy to the Contractor. If the Client does not return the acceptance minutes within five days of receiving them, it is deemed to have been accepted and signed.

25. Article

The Subscriber is responsible for the confidentiality, protection and use of access passwords and usernames to access its services and services for its Users. The subscriber is responsible for the content of the services he offers, for the protection of confidential data and for respecting moral and ethical principles. The Subscriber must comply with the existing legislation regarding the publication and provision of information, services and services and is responsible for all consequences of the use of the ordered services for himself and his Users.

The subscriber must comply with all general terms and conditions of the Provider and existing Slovenian legislation regarding the publication and provision of information and services and is responsible for all consequences of the use of the provider’s ordered services resulting from an agreement by a third party.

The subscriber agrees to comply with the regulations regarding copyright protection and guarantees that all information published on the website will be in the public domain, except for what the author expressly requests otherwise. Unauthorized storage of copyrighted files and programs is not allowed on the servers.

26. Article

The subscription relationship can be transferred to a third party in certain cases:

  • The subscriber, who is a natural person, can transfer the subscription relationship to a family member or another person who lives with him in a joint household,
  • if the client, which is a legal entity, ceases to exist due to transformation, dissolution, merger or association and other status changes, the subscription relationship is transferred to that legal entity which is the legal successor of the client,
  • if the subscriber, who is a natural person, dies, the subscription relationship is transferred to a person determined by the members of his family or joint household, or to his legal heir

The Client is obliged to inform the Provider about these events within fifteen (15) days after the change.

The Subscriber agrees to periodically visit the Provider’s website and thus be aware of any changes.


27. Article

Mass sending of e-mail to addresses of recipients who have not previously approved it is prohibited and is considered a gross violation of the General Terms and Conditions, resulting in the immediate termination of service delivery.

Sending messages to several addressees at the same time is only permitted if the addressee expressly requests this and/or the sender knows the addressee personally and believes that the sent message will not annoy him, and if the addressee himself subscribes to the so-called mailing list.

The provider can refuse or delay the sending of a large number of electronic messages that have the nature of mass mail. Mass sending of electronic messages is recommended during the period of lower load on mail servers, which is between twenty-four (00:00) and six (06:00) hours in the morning, or during non-working days. The provider has the right to interrupt the sending of notifications at any time if it considers that the sending may cause indirect and/or direct business damage to third parties.

28. Article

The provider also offers a free website analysis to certain interested companies via email. Regardless of the above and the fact that it is a free analysis, the Provider reserves the right not to perform the analysis. In this case, the Provider is not obliged to provide an explanation, but it is at his own discretion.

29. Article

The parties undertake to act as good businessmen or owners. Their statements will be interpreted in good faith. The parties resolve all disputes amicably. Otherwise, disputes are resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana, according to Slovenian law.