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Kako uspešno načrtovati in nadzorovati projekt izdelave ali prenove spletne strani

Izdelava ali prenova je zahteven projekt, katerega posledica bo rojstvo ali izboljšava vaše spletne identitete. Zaradi tega je nujno natančno načrtovanje in upravljanje. Da bi dosegli želene rezultate, morate biti pripravljeni na morebitne izzive, ki se lahko pojavijo med postopkom. V tem blogu bomo razdelali ključne korake za uspešno načrtovanje in nadzorovanje projekta izdelave ali prenove spletne strani.



V podjetju WPM izdelujemo Wordpress spletne poti do uspeha in vedno iščemo ljudi, ki so pripravljeni obogatiti našo ekipo s prizadevnim delom, izkušnjami in nasmehom.

We at WPM have finished over 30 projects in the last year. Doing so, we came to conclussion that it is very important that we look at each project holistically. Before starting a project, it is important to determine the goals and scope of your website. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with the website, who is your target audience and what content you want to offer. Based on this information, you can determine the functionality, design and other requirements needed to achieve your goals. After determining all key components of the renovation, an even greater share of work awaits us – the renovation / creation of your website. To keep your process easy, quick and without unecessary headaches, we have prepared 8 tips for successful planning and monitoring.


For the successful implementation of the project, you must assemble a team of experts who will participate in the creation or renovation of the website. Involve designers, developers, content experts, SEO specialists, and other key players to help ensure your website is effective and engaging for visitors. Ultimately, you also need to manage and control the project. In this work, it is definitely true, that more eyes see more, so it makes sense to divide the work between several individuals, or to include several people in the project who will give us their opinion. 


At WPM, we can make you a website on a turnkey basis. Also, as an external contractor, we can offer you help in any of the phase of the construction.


Taking into consideration the complexity of the project, it is necessary to determine a realistic time plan and the corresponding budget for the implementation of the project. The schedule and budget change depending on the project requirements, so be prepared for any changes. Regular communication with your team will ensure that you, as well as everyone else in the chain, are up-to-date on the project’s progress

If we – at WPM – are project leads, we organize weekly meetings that are short, focused and allow visible progress of the project from week to week. Sometimes the frequenc of meetings can be higher – especially beforethe launch and in the days after the launch.

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Based on the goals and requirements of the project, choose the appropriate technology for the creation or renovation of your website. This includes choosing a content managment system (CMS), frameworks, dedicated solutions (plugins), analytic tools and other technologies, that will ensure optimal website performance. 

At WPM we normally use WordPress as our CMS for web projects. Our experience is, that WordPress is most often the best choice for websites and webstores, but as far as plugins are concerned, we use them minimally, as we swear by customized solutions.

Renovate your website

Before embarking on the journey of revamping your website, first make a detailed plan. The latter should include renovation in phases, with each individual renovation phase having its own time frame. This plan will serve as an accurate map and ensure that the project will be completed on time, according to the wishes, requirements and within the budget that you have allocated to the project.

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The success of a website depends on a good strategy and content optimization. You will need a good plan on how you will publish your content that will appeal to your target audience and at the same time improve your website’s ranking in search results. Include keywords and phrases, follow SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) best practices and consider a strategy for linking to other websites.


Modern and attractive website design is a must these days. Since this is a creative job that not many people are skilled at, we suggest working with designers and developers. Regardless of whether you take on this part yourself, or entrust it to another person, it is necessary to consider the user experience (UX) and ensure that the website is easy to navigate and accessible on different devices and browsers.

At WPM we have our own design team, which is always available to our customers, whether it is to prepare a new design, rework your current design, or for design assessment.

V podjetju WPM imamo svojo oblikovalsko ekipo, ki je našim strankam vedno na voljo, bodisi pri pripravi novega oblikovanja, predelave ali pa za vizualni pregled in nasvete.



Testing is required before launch. On different devices and with multiple users. This ensures that everything works as planned. Check all links, functionality, page load speed and take into account any compatibility issues. After the testing fix bugs and issues you discover during testing and perform regular website assesments. With every major change, it is necessary to check how the website works on mobile devices, on tablets and whether there are any errors in ensuring responsiveness.

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A new website means nothing if it doesn’t get any views. Be ready to inform your target audience upon launch. You can do this through various marketing channels, such as social networks, e-mail marketing, advertising and SEO, which allows you to increase website traffic and visibility. Keep returning to 6th point in this article and check daily for errors that occur.

Our launch process also includes testing for 404 errors (wrong links) and redirects, to the extent that it involves a website redesign. 


After the launch of the website, a period of regular maintenance, data analysis and optimization of all processes will begin.

If we point out just a few of the things that you should be interested in, they are certainly:

  • Regular monitoring of your website, plugins in use, CMS in use and their updates;
  • Regular monitoring of user experience (UX), whether through different tools, reviews or opinions of trusted friends;
  • Monitoring and improving analytical data through which we can determine which areas are working well and where we might have a problem;
  • Regular monitoring and updating (or publishing new) of the content and consequently SEO.

Successful planning and supervision of a website creation or renovation project requires careful attention to detail, cooperation with a team of experts and adaptability to changes. Following the steps mentioned above will help you ensure that your project runs smoothly and that your website is effective and attractive to visitors.

For more information about creating and maintaining a website, contact us and we will gladly advise you and prepare an offer that meets your needs and budget. You can view our range of maintenance packages below.

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35,99 EUR
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1x na leto SEO tehnična analiza


40,00 € + DDV

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